wisestcamper: (Okay...that was pretty cool.)
Annabeth Chase | The Daughter of Athena ([personal profile] wisestcamper) wrote2014-10-04 03:44 pm


→ character name; Annabeth Chase
→ character age; 17


→ timezone; EST!
→ backtagging; always. I have fast periods and slow periods.
→ threadhopping; Go for it!
→ fourthwalling; Sure, that's fine. She will have no idea what to think of that.
→ offensive subjects; Nothing I can think of.


→ hugging; If she likes you, fine. If she doesn't, you're gonna get hit.
→ kissing; Not unless your name is Seaweed Brain
→ flirting; Eh, probably not, but maybe!
→ sexual; Nooooope. She has a boyfriend, thank you!
→ fighting; Annabeth is a trained warrior, and even if she doesn't have any fancy abilities like the other demi-gods, she can still kick ass. But sure! We'll just have to figure it out first.
→ injuring/death; Have to take this situation by situation.
→ telepathy/mind-reading; She has no defenses against it. But she'll hate you afterwards.