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IC contact for Eachdraidh

Hey, this is Annabeth Chase. Leave me a message and I'll return it as soon as I can. Assuming these things even take messages...
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[ honestly, he probably could have crashed in Annabeth's room after what happened, feels like he should have, maybe. after his talk with Luke, then Thalia, after the entire retrieval of the moon -- all Percy wanted to do was sleep. but it's bright and early the next day that he's doing his rounds, checking in on everyone, so leaving a voicemail for Annabeth already seems as normal as doing anything else. ]

Hey! Morning! It's me. Just making sure you're alright after that quest, see if you want to go get breakfast together? Piper and I have been talking about doing a game of capture the flag for the demigods after everyone is all healed up, if you're feeling up to it. Um- Yeah! Let me know? I love you.
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Oh, hey- Sorry, didn't mean to wake you up. I thought it would let me just leave you a voicemail.

[ way to go, Percy! ]

I figured we could all use some fun, especially with so many of us here. Capture the flag the normal way seemed like a good way to do it.
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[ Thalia had spoken to Annabeth plenty of times, but it wasn't ever about Luke. They hadn't talked about how he was alive again at all. She wasn't even sure how Annabeth felt about it. Hell, she wasn't even sure she felt about it. It's about midday when she calls. ]

Hey, Annabeth! Just calling to see how you're doing. [ a beat. time to get to the point. ] And I think its time we spoke about Luke.
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[ thalia was hardly looking forward to the conversation either, but, well,.. things needed to be sorted out. ]

Yeah, trust me when I say this is never a conversation I thought we'd have. So.. [ how do you even start a conversation like this? ] He's alive. What do you think we should do?
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That's it? [ there's an edge of uncertainty in thalia's voice. ] After everything that happened back home?
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So we should forgive him because its his second chance. [ the response came out rougher than she intended. Annabeth always had a soft spot for Luke and Thalia respected that. She would have been there at the end if it wasn't for that stupid Hera statue, but she doesn't say that aloud. ]

How many lives did he cost back home, Annabeth? Are we sure hes the same guy?
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[ Thalia remains quiet for a time. She knew Annabeth was right, but everything Luke did still stung. It was all much more easier said than done. ]

No, no, it'd hurt him if we did that. [ her voice sounds hallows as she speaks persuading her to clear her throat. ] You know more about what he did than I do..., do you think he'd still do them.