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NAME & AGE: Annabeth Chase, 17.
CANON & CANON POINT: Heroes of Olympus. End of House of Hades
CANON INFORMATION: Annabeth on the Percy Jackson wiki.


Annabeth is a smart, practical teenager, who is a quick thinker and tends to adapt very well to sudden changes in any given situation. She has plans, and then she has backup plans, and then she has secondary backup contingency plans. She’s very loyal to those she considers her friends and family, and even to those friends who have fallen away or betrayed her as life went on. Up until the absolute last possible moment, she was convinced she could find a way to save Luke.

This absolute belief that she can fix something stems from her fatal flaw, which is something that every child of the gods has. As heroes, they have to have some ultimate weakness, and in Annabeth’s case, it is hubris. Not in the sense of believing that she is always right, Annabeth knows that just isn’t true. But in her case, she believes that if she works at something long enough, if she devotes enough energy to it, then she can do it. Even if it’s something she can’t control, something impossible, she still believes that it’s just a matter of figuring it out, of thinking it through just a little more.

The problem with a flaw like this is that it can paralyze her, leaving her indecisive in the face of situations where there just isn’t a right answer. During the quest she led when she was fourteen, Annabeth hid part of the prophecy away from Percy because she could not think of a way to work through it. There didn’t seem to be a right answer, and she just couldn’t come to terms with that.

But this flaw has also imbued her with a remarkable dedication in the face of adversity. Despite her hero-wiring leaving her with what is essentially a combination of dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Annabeth refuses to let them hold her back in the least. She gets good grades, reads frequently, and works through her inability to concentrate by forcing herself to concentrate. The universe can throw horrible things at her, it can steal her boyfriend or throw her into Tartarus and she will still think she just has to find a way to work her way through it. (And she’s often right!)

Her talents and drives had made her into something of a natural leader, or advisor when Percy has fallen into the leadership role. She takes charge almost instinctively, laying out her plans and organizing the people around her quickly and efficiently. She has become quite good at summing up what she believes a person is capable of and then sending them to a task most appropriate to that.

But she’s slow to trust people, something that comes from her need to figure everything out. She tends to assume people are hiding things, even when they may not be, and tries to puzzle them out to the point of accomplishing nothing. Despite knowing Jason for a year, she still wasn’t entirely sure she trusted him, still half-expecting a double cross without having any real cause to do so. Trust, however, is not always necessary for Annabeth. Just because she is uncertain about someone doesn’t mean she won’t protect them or rely on them. The seven demigods chosen for the great prophecy, five of them are strangers to her, and yet she finds them (relatively) easy to lead and get along with.

Recent events in her life have left a hard scar on Annabeth’s psyche. Losing Percy for over a year to the machinations of Hera (a goddess Annabeth already cannot stand), presumably losing the favor of her mother when she wasn’t going to hunt for the Mark of Athena, and then the long tumble into Tartarus and the desperate struggle to cross the most inhospitable place in any world, would mar anyone, and in Annabeth these events have forced her to reevaluate some of her life and her needs.

She hasn’t figured out precisely what that means, the future is something she almost can’t let herself dwell on right now for fear of it never coming. But she is determined to see it through, somehow, and has doubled down on her relationship with Percy and her desire to safeguard her friends through whatever challenges they face. She will find an answer. Somehow.

Personality Revisions

This comes off as more clinical than I would like. It is kind of supplementary to the original personality section.


As a child of Athena, Annabeth has been blessed with a remarkable mind, even more so than some of her siblings in her cabin, it seems. She can plan out a battle of a quest with remarkable detail, thinking through all the different aspects of what might happen, planning for every contingency. We see this in the battle for Olympus against the Titans, when Annabeth became the primary strategist for all of the campers. People just automatically looked to her for the best ideas, and frankly, she often had them. Not all the time, because she tends to defer to the ‘leader’ of a situation, (often Percy) in regards to some battle ideas.

She’s also the person people look to for information, because she tends to absorb it almost like a sponge. She knows most of the greek myths by heart, she reads constantly, she keeps up on current events. Despite her ADHD and dyslexia, she gets fantastic grades in school, as an example. (Much to the annoyance of Percy.)

Because of the life she has been forced to lead, she’s also remarkably courageous in the face of adversity. As a child, she survived on her own for weeks after running away from home, despite being hounded by monsters. At camp she was absolutely dead-set on going on quests, even if they would probably lead to her death. (Frankly, most of them seemed to be heading that way). Even if a situation seems hopeless (defending Olympus from the Titans, finding their way through the labyrinth, saving Luke, the entire idea of the Mark of Athena quest being impossible) she never backs down and never gives up.

As a perfect example of all this, when she was all alone, facing down the Arachne, despite having a broken ankle and being absolutely terrified, she managed to carefully, slowly trick the spider into trapping herself in her own web. She did what no other child of Athena had ever managed to do, and she did it hobbled and alone.

Weaknesses and Fears:

Most of Annabeth’s weaknesses and fears come from her fatal flaw, that of hubris. Since she believes, deep down inside, that at the end of the day she can make things better, regardless of the situation before her, then anything that makes that seem less true gnaws at her. On the first quest she led, the Oracle warned her that she would ‘lose a love to something worse than death.’ Rather than simply face this, Annabeth hid that line from everyone, intent on figuring out a way around it, absolutely certain that she could do it if she just gave it enough thought.

She couldn’t, of course. But facing that fact was worse than the actual prophecy itself, at least to her. And her worry about how to fix a situation can cloud her to the possibilities of what something might mean. There were too many possibilities about who it could have meant. Was it Luke? Was it Percy? What would be worse than Death? And the fact that she couldn’t figure it out meant that she was stuck. Which was why she hid it away, hoping that she’d find the answer before it all came to pass, so that she could fix it somehow.

So her biggest fear, really, is that she’s wrong. That she’ll fail when it’s most important and let everyone who is counting on her (the camp, the seven, Percy, her mother…) down because she just couldn’t find that perfect answer that she knew was there, if she could just think it through a little better. And her weakness is that she can’t see that for what it is. She knows it all, rationally. She can look at herself and see that this problem exists. But that rationality doesn’t prevent it from causing so much trouble for her.

Also, Annabeth is utterly terrified of spiders. This is an instinct that exists within every child of the Goddess Athena, due to a curse placed on them by the ancient weaver, Arachne. Annabeth has tempered this recently, because she managed to face her fear while she was facing down Arachne herself, a situation she barely survived. But the fear is still there, it is an involuntary, immediate reaction that she can push through but makes it more difficult to do anything properly besides freak out.

Significant Relationships:

Percy Jackson: Percy is the predominant relationship in Annabeth’s life by the end of House of Hades. She knew she loved him before, growing up together during their quests to save Olympus had forced her to face that, and his absence during his missing year had turned into something akin to a physical pain for her. But after he fell into Tartarus with her, and they survived that hell together, she can’t even imagine life without him. They have sacrificed everything for each other, and created a bond that is hopefully unbreakable.

But they also have a light, joking relationship (when things aren’t awful anyway), calling each other nicknames (Wise Girl and Seaweed Brain) more than their real names (although that faded some in Tartarus) and teasing each other about their various abilities.

In most situations, Annabeth is the ‘brains’ and Percy is the ‘brawn’ of their plans. Annabeth figures out what they’re going to do next, and Percy makes it happen. Not all the time, of course, but frequently.

Athena: Annabeth’s relationship with her mother is strained, at best. Being the child of a goddess, there’s always that absence where you never really know what your mother thinks of you. And in Athena’s case, since she is by nature a distant, analytical, rather overly pointed person means that she’ll either tell you nothing about what she thinks of you, or be far too blunt in the negative things she sees. So like many other demigods, Annabeth has learned to deal with that, but it doesn’t hurt any less when she’s faced with it.

When she encountered her mother in the subway before the quest for the Mark of Athena started, and her mother was torn between Athena and Minerva, they had what amounted to a fight, and it left Annabeth shaken. She had nightmares about it afterwards, the displeasure and almost hatred in her mother’s eyes shook her badly. (And her mother even withdrew her blessing and made Annabeth’s magic cap stop working).

The Seven Heroes: Amongst her new friends from the Roman and Greek camps, Annabeth instinctively took on a leadership role. It wasn’t intentional, she just seemed to know what the best decision to make at any given time was, and the others listened. She doesn’t necessarily want to be a leader, but part of her knows that she’s good at it.

And being in charge forced her to confront some of her trust issues with others. Jason, for instance, had given her no explicit reason not to trust him, and yet part of her still couldn’t quite bring herself to. Not at first. Annabeth spends so much time reviewing all the possible aspects of a situation that she can’t help but see what might be the worst in someone. In Jason’s case, his Roman nature and his returning memories about a life where he was essentially an enemy of Greece, were simply too large in scale for her to really put them aside. Just because he said he wanted peace between the camps didn’t mean he did. It was so easy to picture him jumping from the ship and telling his old campmates ‘Look at the prisoners and fancy warship I captured for you!’

It wasn’t until he defended them from the Romans, and escaped with them, that she was finally willing to admit he wasn’t going to betray them. And that’s what it takes for Annabeth. She wants to trust people, but it’s a trust that has to be earned.

The whole group has finally done that, but it took a while for her to really begin to count on them all, to know that if she asked them to do something, she didn’t have to worry about it not getting done. Each of them basically had to pull something off before she was willing to admit that they could do it. Granted, she doesn’t always approve of their methods, especially when it comes to Leo and his slapdash plans, but they do get the job done. She can appreciate that.


Despite the grandiose nature of her life and her adventures, Annabeth’s goals are actually fairly simple. She wants to survive the war with Gaia, of course, and all her friends to survive, and to figure out how to make that happen. But long-term, what she really wants is something akin to a normal life. Her main goal, for the longest time, was that she wants to be an architect. And she has half-achieved that, since after the destruction of Olympus she was invited to design the rebuilding, which was one of the greatest moments of her life.

But more recently, what she wants, inspired by Percy’s ideas, is to find a place to live, normally, with Percy. To not constantly be afraid of monsters. Rationally, she knows that’s unlikely, with the war brewing between the Roman and Greek camps, they’ll probably never be welcome in New Rome again, but she still hopes they will. Percy shared his idea of a life for them, safe and away from the monsters, where they could grow up, go to school, live a happy life…it’s a hard dream to resist.

COURT ALLIANCE & REASONING: Seelie. Putting aside that her entire cast is also seelie, as a demigod Annabeth is a champion of the current order of the world. Both her quests have been to maintain the status quo. She is a hero, in every sense of the word, one of the greatest of her age.


Demigod - As a demigod, Annabeth was born with certain intrinsic abilities designed to aid her in her life as a hero. She is an instinctive fighter, with heightened reflexes and a constant need to know what is going on around her. For mortals, this appears to be a form of acute ADHD. She is also hard-wired to read ancient Greek instead of English, which manifests itself as a rather bad form of dyslexia, making it difficult to read without concentrating. And being a demigod makes her a beacon for monsters, which would love to find her and eat her, of course.

She can also see through the mists that hide the monsters and gods from the mortals, and can eat ambrossia and nectar, the food of the gods, to heal herself.

She is also a trained warrior, capable of picking up almost any ancient Greek style weapon and using it effectively, though she prefers to fight with a knife.

Daughter of Athena - Unlike the children of other gods who are often blessed with powers related to their deity parents realm of influence (Percy can manipulate water, Piper can charmspeak, etc), the children of Athena are not born with any flashy, outwardly useful powers. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, and all the things that spread from that. (Strategy, clever thinking, arts and crafts, mathematics, etc). So the gift that Athena gives to her children is that they are, generally speaking, brilliant.

They are natural advisors and strageists, and Annabeth is no exception. Despite her ADHD and dyslexia, she gets fantastic grades in school. She can work out almost any problem, often devises winning strategies for battles, and prides herself on the amount of things she knows.

Think of it as a bonus to intellect and wisdom in an RPG. Annabeth always rolls a +3 on related checks. :D


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